Colene Clemens 2015 DOPP CREEK, jammy Oregon Pinot Noir

Colene Clemens of Oregon is known for Pinot Noir. We opened the 2015 DOPP CREEK. The winery was a stop on our ’10 wines in 2 days’ tour (recently published article in Wine Buzz).

We opened the 2015 DOPP CREEK to pair with homemade spaghetti sauce as we remembered it had a solid jammy flavor balanced with acidity. We remembered it right! Rich deep burgundy color, and ruby red tints. Aroma’s of red fruit pop out, tantalizing. Amazing deep jammy flavor of a raspberry nature, but not too ‘Sweetart” typical of many Oregon Pinot Noir’s. This is balanced wine, with solid chewy jamminess that keeps delivering/opening. Not a light Pinot Noir, but a more solid richer deep fruit delivery with a continually changing depth. Very beautiful.

Paired it with a homemade spaghetti sauce and it worked great… remembering why we bought this wine!

Colene Clemens was “the find” we enjoy discovering when experiencing an area. Highly recommended, we went out of our way to get there. Nestled in Newburg in the Chehalem Mountains on a 122-acre property, you can sit on the patio and view a rocky, south-facing hillside. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The wines stood out as there were these “Cabs of Pinot Noir” with deeper, richer, riper flavors than the thinner ‘sweetarts’ (as I call them) of the general wine area. That’s previous is obviously more my palate preference, and so if it’s yours, don’t miss trying Colene Clemens.

Really recommend this for Pinot Noir alternative to “sweetart” styles of overpowering tart cherry flavors. Rich ripe raspberry instead.

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