Northstar, Washington State

Up in the southern Valley of Walla Walla and a long drive to find a couple of wineries.  Extremely overcast foggy day with frost all over all growth so it shows us the cool times. They explained that there were many days of hundred degrees and then drop cold at night with frost. That’s what we’re seeing. The fog inversion apparently it’s pretty common too.

The wines are classic to Washington — high acidity, red to black fruit which state bright. I attribute that to cool nights keeping down grape ripening into darker black fruit. They stay acidic but have high tannins and deep burgundy color. Everything at Northstar was classic to that taste.

the views were amazing and apparently during a non- foggy day you can see mountains and just rows and rows and rows of carefully cultivated and landscaped vineyards. Definitely a sight to see. Reminded me of Amador or Lodi farmland with repeated acres of vineyards, but then adding the crusted frost and fog. See if the picture demonstrates the fog

Thanks Jodi for a nice tasting experience.

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