Law is wine-club only, upper-level wine, 8-26-22.

​Law is on a windy road hillside. 100% French oak, used for four or five years.  40% new and 60% neutral. First vintage in 2010.  Don and Susie Law.​  350 acres and only 90 of it “under vine” or planted.​

Law entry

​Industrial look to the building and tasting room, in a rugged area, but it all blended nicely.

​Branding:  white labels are blends and the black labels are single varietals.  The Black labels are ​closed to only the current wine club ​and  the white label is potentially going to ​close as well simply because there isn’t enough allocation left. ​Law ​is a direct customer sales environment 100% except for a small allocation that goes to high end restaurants and a Denver wine store because that’s where the Law’s ​orignated.​

WINES ​   ​Sold out ​of Sohpie, their only white Rhone blend​ wine.  It sells out fast.​​​​

1) lovely Rose. Nice light cherry​, ​young​.  A GSM base and ​Provence style.​  Very easy sipping.​

2).  Sagacious . Classic Rhone blend.  Heavier on the Movedra.  Very berry bright red, raspberry. + Light cherry. medium light​, ​a little bit of earthy flavors.   ​Law ​tries not to let the oak to overpower so 40% new oak and the rest is ​neutral.  ​D​efinitely ​is​ tan​nin and  acid forward with the cherry being very bright​ yet ​lovely, elegant ​flavors.

3).  Audacious. Blend Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignon and Syrah.  Nice tanni​n- forward fruit. Cherry and raspberry again, little cranberry pomegranate. Modeled after Priorat, Spain.  Powerful win​e.​

4).  Aspire. 100% Grenache​, modeled after a ​Cote Rotie. Jammy stewed cranberry ​with big ​fruit ​flavors all merging together​.  Tannin forefront for food​ pairing.​  Pleasant lingering aftertaste of fruit, dark jammy flavors.​  Bought this one.​

5).. Beguiling. Inverse of aspire. Grenache and Syrah.  Medium body.  Big tannin, also red fruit forward.  Nice wine.​  A quaffer.

Very pretty winery. Very private. Very elegant high-end​, wine-club only.​​  Didn’t need any wine right now, so didn’t join, for now.​


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