Opolo is a food destination, 8/25/22

​Stopped at ​Opolo​ mostly because they were one of the rare dining locations in the vineyards — wood fired pizzas.  They also​ distribute in Ohio, ​but only one or two major products.  Products are value priced almost everything was under $35.

1.  Sparkling Blanc de Blanc. Never saw ​sparkling in the valley​ with others.  Perhaps they get the grapes from somewhere else​?​ It’s nice it’s drinkable.

2.  Viognier -I made a face. ​Sharp citrus that I didn’t expect since all of the other ones that we’ve had in the valley have been so creamy and soft and smooth. This one has a lot of very bright Chablis like citrus. It’s also hitting my tummy with a lot of alcohol heat. $30.

3.   Mountains Zinfandel is most likely distributed in Ohio and around 32 a bottle. Interesting zing and heat and spice. So baking spice, a little bit of pepper and perhaps a little bit of cinnamon.

4.  Serenade is Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon

5.  Cabernet Sauvignon, ​supposedly ​95 point rated.   Also very smok​ey,​ big cigar and perhaps it comes from the toasting of their barrells: using a heavy toasting? Pretty thin otherwise. A value production.

6. Merlot, Willow Creek Vineyard planted of the ’90s. It is smokey cherry as a keyword. Didn’t really get a lot of other flavors off of it little alcohol. 

We had a pretty good goat cheese pizza that was wood fired.  Opolo definitely appeals in that they are providing one of the only food places in the vineyard because otherwise we didn’t eat all day at any of the vineyards. The selections we went to only served some crackers.  

Overall the wines were unimpressive general crowd-pleasers, sippers, Nice when you’re sitting on the backyard patio, not the umph or backbone If so many wines in this area.


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