Clos Solene is 100% French. 

​​Clos Solene is 100% French.

​​Clos Solene is 100% French​-owned and also all of the ​French staff.  Love the accent.​  Way back off the beaten path on a private​ residence​ driveway with gate. And very intimate tasting room.​  Nearly 100% directed customer and wine club. 4000 cases with only 3% in distribution out in the public.

Tasting room

2017 former Vineyard was purchased by ​Guillaume, came from France from The Languedoc Roussillon area and wanted to have a French-oriented vineyard.

Clos Solane

1. Provence Rosé style in Paso,  Provence inspired. Very nice, light strawberry, ​crispy, fruit ​y​and light ​and a little bit dry​,​ but easy sipping.​  Lovely,​

2.  2020 En Coulisse ​​Chardonnay.  More like Chablis, 30% in French barrels. Green apple, yellow Apple that is creamy and just beautiful. Extremely impressive wine. Purchasing the fruit from another vineyard because they are a little too hot for it. ​P​ricey at $85 but of course they’re small producers with limited outlets +  they have to recover the cost.​  Bought a bottle.​

3. 100% Chardonnay, En Coulisse”, inspired by the northern Appellation of Burgundy Chablis. Lovely, easy sipping, different.

4. The third wine I poured was ” Fleur de Solène”. A Syrah, Grenache and ​C​ab. ​Alcohol 14.5 but in Paso it’s not bad. 16 months in new French oak and it’s just lovely​,​ rounded easy drinking, n​o issues ​at all. Red fruit cherry notes,​ ​the​ red-fruit influence,with great integration and easy tannin.

4.  Harmonie 2020-The GSM in a French style. A ode to Guillaume’s French heritage old-world roots, our harmonious Châteauneuf du Pape, 400 l barrels with contact on the lee’s.  14 8% alcohol.  Very beautiful as any we’ve seen in the valley​, ​integrated tannins fruit and acid. Nothing annoying it I was all lovely. Nice easy drinking little bit of spicies.  You can easily sip this without any issues.

5.  Homage a nos Paris Reserve. Is Syrah Viognier, and Grenache. Co-fermented at production and we have a picture of that.​  ​Can be risky because the blend ​locked-in before individually tastes.  Color is dark and jammy looking and appealing. Very nice purple garnet.  Beautiful legs on it and Rich aromas. Beautiful flavors of ripe fruit and light integrated tannins thinner not at all astringent. Slightly mouthwatering but not at all annoying​.​

Co Fermentation photo

Decided to buy the ​​Chardonnay and would have purchased more​,​ but we only had one more spot left in our case. I would like to be on their membership mailing list to that the next time we need wine we could look at adding more of this to our seller. Just don’t want to have to carry it home.

Very unique place and recommend stopping in if the wines that I listed are luxury products that you are interested.


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