Ridgewood in Concord Ohio, beautiful summer spot

Hidden in a strip center is a beautifully created multi-layered exterior patio that’s a hidden gem in Concord/Painesville called Ridgewood Grille…. if you haven’t discovered it yet yourself.  The location is hidden in the middle-corner of a strip-center; but the restaurant size is larger than expected.  There is a private room and a surprisingly large multi-layered patio out back taken up much of the complex space.  Because it’s in back away from parking, it’s quite its own world … very private.

Every one of the staff was friendly and attentive making the place very cheery and charming. 

You enter into a rustic wood -encased environment creating a separation from the outside world.  There’s a LARGE full-wall bar with clearly advertised happy hour discounts.  On both occasions, it’s clear that plenty of craft tap beers and abundant modern current American fare rules.    The servers are gracious and will help you select with suggestions and experimentation.   I sampled the Elicottville Blueberry and a friend tried the Orange Citrus summery shandy.  

ON former visits we tried the happy hour snacks, we tried nachos with chicken at a reasonable $6 and Pizza.  The crust was thicker style for those that like that.

We had the Fish Fry and a fruited summer salad.   I had the salad with a fruited strawberry fresh margarita which was presented beautifully and paired well with the salad.  

Fish and chips and salad at Ridgewood

The Fish was superb and plenty of it for a share.  We had two nice sized pieces that were fresh, flaky and light fish.  Nice tarter sauce and good tasting fries.  Nothing at all to dislike!

The salad was well proportioned strawberries and blueberries, candied walnuts and goat cheese with a tangy strawberry vinegarette was a nice blend.

Summer fruit salad at Ridgewood

 I saw many meals delivered featuring huge sandwiches and piled fries, so traditional American fare is very popular. I also read they could accommodate a vegan with spiral zucchini noodles and the impossible burger

 If you haven’t yet been there, check out Ridgewood 84 when you’re in the neighborhood ….  This gem won’t be hidden anymore for long.  Definitely will return again!

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