Michael Angelo’s in Richfield Ohio is HOPPING and worth the drive!

​Michael Angelo’s is very very hopping on a Saturday but our service was still exemplary by Holly and others!

We came after lunch and regretted that as the food looks great! Menu is online, https://www.michaelangelosbakery.com/ . Very impressive bakery, as you can see behind us in this photo.

The amazing pastry counter which feature tempting confections and fresh breads.

We learned that they process the purchased products from the west-cost and they perform the grape processing (they get grapes and skins in). Grapes are purchased from either Oregon, California or Washington and they process everything here at the facility. We took a peak at the facility and saw the oak room, which was impressive:

Michael Angelo’s processing steel tanks

and the oaks were very impressive

Michael Angelo’s oak room

stead of food, we sat at a bar and ordered some wine samples and here’s what we thought overall: Great presentation and informed staff. Look at the presentation of the tasting flight below ($18 for four):

Michael Angelos presentation of the tasting flight ($18 for four):, especially liked their glasses.

Only small sample-tasted both a sparkling Rose and Chardonnay. The Chardonnay was good, but my personal preference wasn’t oaked enough. It’s citrusy and any oak is woody-earthy vs. vanilla. It was bright and citrusy and light. Also tasted a sparkling rose. Very sweet. They also have a sweet Moscato sparkling which I didn’t try for those who like sweet wines. The Rose, while refreshing and flavorful, seemed more like a cherry soda pop than wine.

The Pinot Noir heralds from well-known Willamette, Oregon where I spent a few days and wrote a Wine Buzz Magazine article about in 2018. It features a spicy flavor with a lot of raspberry and bright zesty fruit. They say bright cherry, but I say raspberry. They say it has French  oak but I couldn’t detect it. Perhaps it was neutral and it took the acidity edge off; however it is still quite acidic.

The Michael Angelo zinfandel, thin and clear vs this variatels norm

We wanted to like the Sangiovese from Yakima Valley Washington; however it was too think for our preference. It’s a spicy red with a lot of bright tangy fruit, definitely what you’d expect from Washington but not Italy. There’s a lot of very high acidity in it and it’s not jammy enough for our preference. It tastes like a sweetheart, with tangy red cherry and slight underlying sweetness. 

The zinfandel began to get close to our jammy preference. Coming from Dry Creek Valley, California, the color was very thin and clear, not as dark as you would expect. It also was tangy, bright, citrusy and only held a little bit of tannin. We like the big thick jammy Zins from Napa and Lodi, so this is not that, but it did feature a long-lasting continuing sweet jam blueberry-raspberry compote-like flavor on your lips that clung. Their notes say blackberry but I don’t find it to be very black or ripe, more red-fruit flavors. We almost ordered it till we had the Cab.

The Cabernet their flagship and is the better wine, the most complex and the most tannin and structure balance with all the acidity of the other offerings. It was the darkest, but still pretty red and thin looking for a Napa Cab. It has a lot more potency and a lot more darker blacker jammy fruit. The most complex of the wines not as thin.  Not surprising it’s from Red mountain.

We also had to taste the Merlot cuz it’s from Walla Walla, and I sell for B2G Drew Bledsoe’s DoubleBack from WallaWalla and we visited there one full day in November 2018. I didn’t get the big dark jammy flavors that were expected. Our Washington experience was that Merlot was a bigger than a cab in Washington, but this wine wasnt’t bigger than their Cab.

Overall all the wines feature high acidity, bright fruit and not depth or aging. The ‘biggest’ wine was the Cab. Something else I noted: it was very hard to detect aromas out of the glass. I had to work at getting any hints. In fact, on most of the wines, I couldn’t detect any aromas except alcohol. I have to attribute this to freshness and no aging…. the wines are being served quite fresh and not aged. This was in fact supported by our server who told me the Cab was recently bottled and served, so they must not have time to age or let wines develop complexity.

Although most of the wines were not OUR palate preference (certainly not an indicator for everyone), the facility itself is everything we like. We were very impressed with the place. From the food orders we saw delivered, the beautiful patio and clean fresh settings, the lovely glasses they use, everything adds up to a refreshing upscale presentation.

One of several awesome patios at Michael Angelo’s.

 They have large private event rooms and were holding a wedding party as well as a full patio. A lot of excitement and activity going on here out in Richfield Ohio. More info, hours are online https://www.michaelangelosbakery.com/ located at 5515 Broadview Road Richfield, Ohio 44286.

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