The Standard restaurant on 185th Street in Euclid

I took my computer expert who saved my computer and I owed a BIG FAVOR to The Standard Friday night 7/30/21. While they were crowded with a private event, we got there early, 5p.m. and enjoyed as fine a meal as we’ve ever had there. Furthermore, I love CAST wine, which they carry the Zin. Great wine paired with both the salmon and the lamb.

I told my friend about the ginger Faroe Island Salmon and he was all set to have it until he saw “braised lamb shank’ and chose that. He said it was amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my salmon. I always have left-overs because i also love the olive tapenade (fresh made, and I’m told with caper and anchovies, better than any jar tapenade and I’m addicted!!!), so I got a little full eating that.

I took a photo of our meal, and the group next to us and everything was amazing despite a huge 50+ group outside.

Said, the chef, and owner Mike, had everything under control and every single table on a Friday nite was reserved.

Are you missing the hidden gem on 185th Euclid?

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