Backyard Patio Gem — Ridgewood 84 Kitchen in Concord

Visited Ridgewood 84 Kitchen in Concord …. twice!  Time to report.

Definitely a cool local’s hangout with a beautifully created multi-layered exterior patio that’s a hidden gem if you haven’t discovered it yet.  Plenty of people have as it was quite crowded on a Friday, yet we were accommodated quickly.   On the second visit, stayed inside at the bar.

Busy nite

There’s a full bar with clearly advertised happy hour discounts.  On both occasions, it’s clear that plenty of craft tap beers and abundant modern current American fare rules.  A review of the wine list revealed expected offerings, but nothing extraordinary, so the beer is their more creative choice.  Even though I’m predominantly a wine drinker, the beer taps were obviously fresh and appealing.  The servers are gracious and will help you select with suggestions and experimentation.   

Beer taps

Moving to happy hour snacks, we tried nachos with chicken at a reasonable $6.  They didn’t suit me, but it’s because I do not like fried nachos chips.  They were saved with appealing fresh pico and slightly-sweet tasty pulled chicken. 

Entrance to the hidden gem

Moving into meals — I saw many meals delivered featuring huge sandwiches and piled fries, so traditional American fare is very popular. I also read they could accommodate a vegan with spiral zucchini noodles and the impossible burger.  We ordered other healthy choices.

On the first visit, I had the Fish Fry and my friend had a summer salad.  Again preferences, I prefer light panko-breading vs. thicker battering.  Theirs is in-between battered and heavily fried, so not my preference; however, the fish inside was good, and others at the table indicated they preferred the style served.  Others enjoyed large sandwiches with plentiful sides.  The food was well cooked and tasty and came out quickly, despite a very crowded Friday evening crowd.

On the second weeknight visit, I tried the salmon dinner and my friend a pizza.  The salmon was made exactly the way I requested, seared on the outside yet still moist inside.  It was flavorfully seasoned without being too salty.  It came with green beans that were nicely al-dente.   I didn’t like the oriental-sticky-rice consistency of the lemon pesto risotto; however the flavor was nice.  

My friend created his own pizza topping selections.  He liked the pizza but not the thicker dough as he prefers thin-crust.  Again, it’s a preference rather than anything wrong; however he did ask what kind of crust it was, so I suggest servers could prevent mis-ordering by stating it’s not a thin-crust style.

We did not try desserts due to our waist lines and having already drank beer calories instead, but they sounded tempting!

The location is hidden in the middle-corner of a strip-center; but the restaurant size is larger than expected.  There is a private room and a surprisingly large multi-layered patio out back taken up much of the complex space.  Because it’s in back away from parking, it’s quite its own world … very private. Many locals have found this gem on a hopping-busy Friday night, yet it was very quiet during our weeknight night visit.  The Friday crowd did not deter from its enjoyment.  Either way it’s a hidden gem if you don’t know about it.

Every one of the staff was friendly and attentive making the place very cheery and charming.  If you haven’t yet been there, check out Ridgewood 84 when you’re in the neighborhood … or just plan a leisurely summer night evening drive to enjoy the taps and patio.  This gem won’t be hidden anymore for long.

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