New things going on at Grand River Vintnercultural area St Joseph’s — Baci new owner’s

There’s something new going on at St. Joseph’s in Madison.  NEW OWNERS,  Dominic Piunno and Carmen Cefaratti have named the winery BACI. 

New owner’s

Dominic Piunno and Carmen Cefaratti.  Daughter Bella and other family worked the wine tasting room and were doing a great job greeting guests!

Currently it’s a family endeavor with the entire family greeting and serving you at the winery, and on special occasions like Saturday, making dinner! They inherited in the sale the great St. Joseph wines.  So far the only wine they have made themselves is Rose’ (see next) but a LOT of potential was bought with this property

Here’s a review of the wine offerings

The Rose’ is the wine the only wine the new Baci owners have made themselves out of grape juices that were inherited.  The former owner left juice  Saignée (i.e., “San-yay” method is when during the first few hours of making a red wine, some of the juice is bled off and put into a new vat to make rosé…. a Rose’ is always RED GRAPE BASED w/o time on the skins).   They made 100 gallons.  The first taste is a bright acidity. This wine is very fruity and lovely balanced rounded acid. It’s always surprising to know that it comes from red grapes. 

SOMETHING FUN which should attract attention of ice wine lovers — they are making SANGRIA out of their $45 bottled ICE WINES!   The white ice wine sangria is a fruity lemon and orange flavored sangria, and the red ice wine sangria os mixed with berries into a lively blueberry and cranberry cocktail.  I personally liked the red best.
The other wines we tasted had a lot of interesting things going on:

*The Chardonnay was citrusy, balanced light oak flavors. Could definitely see drinking it with a summer light dinners options, such as fish or chicken. When we returned for dinner we bought a bottle of this wine.

*The Pinot Noir had a bit of musty back taste.  There was latent fruit with light tannin which was easy-sipping, and  I could see it pairing nicely with foods.
*Pinot Reserve was better, with more aged fruit, and flavors of plum and fig-aged jamminess.  I detected an interesting flavor which seemed like  blueberry-ish to me.

*Sapravi is a really unique grape not well known in America.  I sell one from Moldavia for Akron Bottle2Glass.  These are usually very fruity and tart.  This particular one reminds me of a Pinot Noir that was jammier. Couldn’t really detect a lot of deep fruit or even tannin,  but characteristic acidic brightness and earthiness that could develop and go well with grilled foods.

We stayed for dinner made by the new owners,    They are on their way to creating a very friendly and fun laid-back family environment, and we can only wait and see what wines they create!

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