Etna, Cleveland Little Italy, is a gem

I’ve eaten at Etna in Cleveland’s Little Italy twice. I could not wait to have the gorgonzola portobello ravioli again.
The first time I had their ravioli dish, I decided it was THE best gorgonzola cream sauce I’ve ever tasted. This second time I’m cognizant of the fact that it is notll just a great cream sauce; I’m tasting the Portobello, which offers a light nutty edge to it that is unique …..not overpowering like a lot of portobello meal offerings. The Gorgonzola sauce is not overpowering like that cheese can be; instead it’s a soft addition to an alfredo-like consistency sauce.  It’s just lovely and easy to over eat!

Etna is a little gem if a spot. It’s cozy quaint with friendly familiarity, a local place where they get to know you and they serve you to the utmost. I tasted a couple wines before I picked one, and that is what happened the first visit. As a wine connoisseur, I appreciate not having to commit to a wine before I’m happy with it. I watched them generously repeat that sampling with other customers.

Eli and Pasquale are extremely why knowledgeable and considerate servers.  Carlos was also informed about the menu even though he wasn’t serving me, and occasionally engaged me anyway.

I ended with a take-home tiramisu and it was as wonderful as I’ve ever experienced.  After a few minutes there was nothing left and I had thought I was full!
I have not had more than the gorgonzola ravioli at Etna and I’m unlikely too b/c I’m hooked on that dish!  However I expect everything that they have it’s great.  I’d have to be coaxed into trying another option after having that amazing ravioli, yet confident there’s quite a few other return-worthy favorites in their offerings that we have to discover.

If you’re in Cleveland’s Little Italy, definitely check out Etna and Eli’s team

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