NEW- ever try an Aged Trebbiano?

Ever have a Trebbiano Reserve?  I hadn’t before till sampling a Lugana Reserva by Avanzi, imported into Ohio by Akron’s Bottle To Glass or B2G (who I represent!).

I love learning something new about wine, don’t you?  I previously hadn’t heard of Lugana as an area, also named for the wine it produces. Lugana is a wine region that straddles the Veneto to the east and Lombardy to the west in northern Italy along Lake Garda, a picturesque tourist area. Avanzi has more than 138 acres of vineyards and olive groves around Lake Garda.

Lugana grows TREBBIANO grapes, which was determined to be a unique strain and renamed TURBINA in this area. Considered a cousin to the Verdicchio grape, Turbina produce white wines that are supple and rounded, aromatic (think flowers and ripe green grapes) and the fruit is bright and crisp.

The wine is named Avanzi Borghetta Reserva.  I looked up what Borghetta means and learned it meant “Township” or outside the town center.

Only a small portion (5-10%) are aged into Superiore or Riserva, which some say have proven to be ageworthy. The Reserva imported into Ohio by Bottle To Glass is rom Avanzi. Ranked by Decanter’s Stephen Book’s as a top Lugana wine, The Avanzi Borghetta Reserva rates over 85 points.

TASTE is surprising. Due to resting in small oak barrels for 10 months and then in the bottle for 6 months, the acidic edge is toned down into surprisingly full-bodied mouth-feel. Complex fruity flavors of soft citrus which were hard to specify and separate, and slight pleasant minerality.  The acidity and flavors are similar to a soft Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc.

Food pairing is easy. I thought it was very food-friendly, pairing with both with a feta cheese-crakers and grilled seafood (I paired it with salmon) with hollandaise sauce.  While it contains higher acidity like a Sauvignon Blanc, the reserve was creamy enough to also pair well with chicken and creamy light dishes.

Cool bottle too – impression on the glass, similar to Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Avanzi Borghetta Bottle

GET THE WINE – contact me to learn where the while is being sold in Ohio, or reach out to your Ohio retailer who can purchase it for the store,

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