Lovely REUILLY summer Rosé , a DELICATE one

The Reuilly area of France is CLASSIC Loire territory. I’m a Loire, France lover.  I could not wait to try this appellation-specific Rose’ wine offering from Bottle-2-Glass in Akron, who I now represent.  For those who need a basic lesson, Rosé (said rose-ayy) is made from RED GRAPES, and in Burgundy that is Pinot Noir. 

My one word for this wine:  DELICATE!!!  I also like ZESTY.  They both work.  However, this is THE softest Rosé I’ve ever tasted.  I likened it to an unoaked slightly peachy Chard.  While these have a place, this is not the commonly overly tart, potent acidic Rosé versions.

Further, this Rosé is full and fresh on the palate, and joined by an intense floral lasting finish.  Zesty is a good word.  The color is completely clear, a lemony, light peachy color.  The aroma’s of lemon, green apple.  Flavors are the same.  Bright and lovely, lightly sweet, and fresh bright acidity make it a classic Rosé.  You keep tasting it,  and I taste fresh under-ripe strawberries, and it’s pleasant.  While we are supposed to serve Rose chilled, this opened up the more it warmed.

 I found it very easy-drinking, and paired well with a fresh Feta cheese cube, bringing both fresh flavors together.  Guessing it would pair well with Asian and Thai (bringing down the heat), chicken, definitely fish, creamy cheeses and fruits, summer fruity salads, and lightly seasoned items.

I can’t help but educate about the AREA!  REUILLY is a CLASSIC French Loire wine production area (in central France). I looked up this fact: wine growing dates back to the 7th century when King Dagobert donated his fields, vineyards and meadows in the Reuilly appellation to the monks of the Abbaye Royale Saint Denis who created several wines. Despite phylloxera (which nearly fully decimated them), dedicated growers continued producing and Reuilly gained Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status for its white wines and in 1961 for its red and Rosé wines.   If you ever see a wine from “Reuilly” I say buy it!

Online notes for this Rosé wine say (I copied this) “slow pressing, and fermentation took place under controlled temperatures (18°C). The wine was aged on fine lees for a minimum of 4 months”  Like all of Loire, they are provided generous territorial flavors and soft underneath minerality from the sandy-gravel and limestone soils and sun!

Another online site said this Rosé wine “is difficult to find”!!!! Well, we at Bottle-2-Glass have some, and therefore so can you! This wine sells retail for around $17 in Ohio …. and you can get it from me through your local retailer (lets work it out!)!!!!!

This wine sells retail for around $17 in Ohio, and a review said “This wine is difficult to find”.  ….. ITS AVAILABLE IN OHIO …. and you can get it from me through your local retailer (lets work it out!)!!!!!


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