Spice Restaurant in Gordon square Ohio

It’s a rare time that I had very mixed feelings about a restaurant. Lovely house renovated into a quaint setting. Lovely server friendly place. Food was disappointing. I ordered macaroni and cheese. When I got was not at all anything similar. They took cheap rigatoni noodles and crumbled some cheese on top and baked it like a bruschetta topping. That part was terrible. The only nice thing is it added about five pieces of squash and pepitas which tasted lovely. However for $15 this does not a meal make. Highly disappointed and I would not call that mac and cheese. My companion likes his meal. He ordered pork, which came with a unique being side and mustard sauce. However for $36, I found a person giving that’s all that came with it. From what I understand their niche is that they’re doing the farm to table and the ingredients did all seem fresh.
Spice restaurants pork dish
I’m not sure I would recommend attending unless you’re experimental.
Spice’ supposed mac and cheese

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