Flight, Gordon square, Cleveland Ohio

We had the opportunity to stop in our Friday night to see this newer wine bar. Impressive line of Ventura system.

We tried three wine flights and we’re pleased with the variety that they offer. Adorable spot. Amazing seating to accommodate a lot of people, and a retail outlet facility so they had a lot going on.

Had an opportunity to speak to Lindsay Smith the owner.

Suggested they could offer high-end taste using the Ventura system. We go into wine bars to try $40 and up wines. We suggested to her that it since she’s offering them in the wine store, offer the pricier ones so people will actually buy them after they taste them. People are intimidated by price and will often wait until they try.

Limited foods but saw the cheese plate go by and it looked great. You need to eat somewhere else because there is not enough food choices.

That said we would have crossed the street to ‘Spice’ and had a full dinner after sampling the wine bar, so as neighbors they perfectly complement one another.

Recommended for a lovely place to gather for happy hour.

Vintura system at Flight in Gordon square

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