Washington Wine Tour Summary

I decided an overall summary of what I learned in Washington would be useful. Washington is known for apples.  Now that I’ve traversed the state tasting their wine, the apple profile is similar to the wine.  A ripe Red Delicious apple has sweetness with tart fruit taste, and so does the standard Washington wine. There’s a sweet-tart type of taste to all the wines.

Like Oregon, the wines are very bright, acidic, and crisp. The fruit is underneath and rarely with fruit-forward intensity. Fruit flavors are commonly bright cherry, bright raspberry, or citrusy lime and lemon, pineapple and granny smith apples.

I learned that the red profile is unique.  Cabernets from Washington generally were very light and thin bodied compared to Napa Cabs.  Conversely their Merlot is big and bold with a flavor profile typically present in Cabernet. The Merlot and Malbec’s featured very deep burgundy red color and jammy black fruits. If your palate is like mine and you like Zinfandel profiles, then you will like Washington Merlot and Malbec.

Given I have a big-jammy-red preference, we very much liked Bookwalter who made the top 100 Wine Spectator 2018 list. Their “Suspense and Conflict” labels, both of 2015 vintage are amazing.  Wine Spectator thought so too and rated their 2015 in the top 50!  We also thought standouts were Barnard Griffin, Owen Roe, Efeste (especially the Ceileigh (pronounced Kay-leigh), and Januik, the former winemaker at Chateau St Michelle and his son.

The whites are crisp, high acidic and bright with stone and citrus fruits. I’m a big Rombauer oak- Chardonnay fan and we found a few like this at Efeste and Januik.

This summary is a general State of Washington palette profile.  Let me know what you thought of the State blogs and the summary!

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