Bookwalter, Washington State FAVORITE

Amazing experience here because it was not just wine it was educational because we got to meet the winemaker, and our wine tasting person was an expert as well.This place was one of the most award-winning in the reds which causes to come here. Lovely facility with a restaurant so we got to have lunch too. Never had bacon and crusted dates infused with cheese and they were amazing.The theme was literature, with wine name such as chapters, protagonist, conflict.One of the things we learned us why 2015 was a great year and white merlot and cab taste different in Washington versus a thousand miles away in Napa. I’m going to blog on that separately.It was a realization to learn that 2015 still our. Caleb the winemaker said it was because 2015 was one of the hottest and driest ever. It stressed the grapes and created a small concentrated unit. Then continuous desert 100+ hot conditions over three weeks straight ripened vines. They lost 10% of their production to sunburn; however the rest produced intense fruity grape varietals.Fell in love with 2015 Suspense (mainly cab franc) Spellbound (reserve Cab) both presenting intense fruit, balanced acid and tannins. We loved it enough to ship $300 worth home, and the good news is they can ship to Ohio.We had the privilege of spending time with the winemaker, Caleb. He taught us why Merlot tastes so differently than Napa and I’m going to blog that separately.The winemaker allowed us to taste products in the making. Got to taste the 2018 whichthey claim may be one of the best years because it was both hot and him they had longer hang time; a year to get as soon as you can.Why was simple labeling of their high-end products, we learned the pewter label cost the winemaker about $4 each because they’re individually created, pictured in one of the photos.Thank you Ryder and Caleb. Great educational and tastyexperience.

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